I Am Still Attractive When Guys Desire to Have Threesomes with Me


It seems like when women past the mid-thirties, they will go from “young” to “elderly.” and they will be less attractive to men because of their new wrinkles and increasing weight. But the fact is lots of guys are interested in mature women. They don’t prefer women to be too skinny and they desires mature women because they are very charming and sexy in the bed.

That was what I learned when I just came to my forties. At first, I was very frustrated. Although I have a husband who loves me so much, I just couldn’t accept the fact that I am getting older and older. I was afraid that my husband will leave me for young and beautiful ladies. But I knew deeply in my heart that he would never do that to me. But I am a woman and I think a lot. One day, I told all my worries and thoughts to him. He was surprised to find that I would have that kind of thoughts. After he laughed me, he told me that I was totally wrong. He said that he would never leave me because I was his everything. And he said that he was willing to do everything for me. I was so grateful that he was so nice to me.

One day, he asked me to check his phone and found an app named 3rder. I didn’t know what it was at first. And he told me that it is a threesome dating app and we could use it to find guys that were willing to join us. And the most important thing was that he wanted to prove that I was attractive just when I was young. How considerate he was! He has placed a profile on that tinder for threesomes and put my personal photo as the profile photo. And there were also other photos that we took together. He mentioned what we needed in the profile content and especially said that we only want males right now. Even if I wasn’t sure whether I wanted having a threesome or not, I didn’t want to disappoint my husband. So, we searched for matches together and waited for messages from others.

There were so many guys contacting us and they all said that they liked me very much. I was flattered and my husband just so pleased that I could be happy with that. Then, we have had several threesomes with some guys that I really like. It was awesome and I finally realized that I wasn’t that bad as I thought.


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