Use 3rder to Enhance Our Relationship

My girl friend and I met five years ago. The moment we met, we knew that we were meant to be together. Then I started to go for her. One month later, she successfully became my girlfriend.

However, we have fought and quarreled like other couples. But in the end, we will always break the wall and forgive each other for what we have done. I think it is the best relationship in this world. I love her and she loves me. We know how to please each other and we know when to compromise to make things easier for us. And we work hard to get what we desire for. All in all, we have a great love life that we have imagined when we were young.

One year ago, we watched a movie in our house. And it was about a couple who try to find ways to strengthen their relationship and spice it up. We were very excited about it and we thought it maybe a chance for us to do something special for our relationship. We thought the most useful way that they have tried is having a swingers dating with someone else. In the movie, they choose to find a woman that they are familiar with. However, that woman is a bisexual, which allows them to have a great threesome. In our life, we didn’t have someone that publicly says that he or she is bisexual. So, after discussed, we decided to try to download a swingers app to find a stranger that we were interested in.

Then, we opened app store and found a swinger app named 3rder. It seemed very easy to use. At least, there are so many positive reviews about this swinger app. So, we downloaded it and placed a profile with it as a couple.

Apparently, this tinder for threesome was very useful and all those features worked well all the time. Within a short time, we have connected with several unicorns online and all of them seemed nice to talk with. And there was one woman that I liked the most because she was young and attractive. And my girlfriend thought the same as I did. So, we invited her to come out to have a dinner. So, we could get to know each other better before get to have a three way together.

It turned out that this lady was the right partner that we desired for. So, two days later, we went to a hotel and we have had a great threesome there. After that, my girlfriend and I had a conversation about it. Both of us thought that it was a great experience and it might help us enhance our relationship in the future. And we both agreed to find another one to have a try later.


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